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Here, we no longer figures, let us look at a simple analysis:

1, how much of your community residential buildings; there are several elements of a building; there are several layers; each layer of a few households; make reference to each of them a few old children and parents and your home.

2, your city has many health center; health museum how much each customer; usually each customer consumption level number.

3, the elderly, businessmen, entrepreneurs, middle-aged man, are your customers.

4, health museum, hotel, club, restaurant, they equal your health food.

One of the 5, is a way of keeping good health services profitable.

All of the above customers but also your sales target customers, they need you have sales, and

And to provide the most professional products and after sale service. More than just your own market. Health

Way is more and more loved by the people and explore.

And all this has been so and so paved the way for you, you just need to put their chain stores opened, you can sit back and enjoy.

Invite you -- work together, share the cake.